Speaking Gardens - let your story be told.
Some gardens know how to speak and to tell a story.
This story resonates through the open spaces of the garden,
and takes on shape form and color with the blossoming of flowers and the growth of verdant foliage.
It takes flight on the wings of imagination to thousands of magical moments, and fills the air with inspiration.
Selected Projects
The light dances upon the water
The sculpted garden takes us beyond its physical borders, pulls us to move within it and reveals more and more ever-changing scenes. Beams of light become dancers on glimmering ripples and invite us to join a dance of shadow and light.
Endless room for innovation
Materials adopt new and nontraditional role:
Metals break beams of light, beams of light expand the boundaries of the space, and the boundaries of the space lose weight and instill the visitor with a sensation of flight.